News: Our Minuteman Brand Project X and Memorial Day Sale!

May 25 , 2016

News: Our Minuteman Brand Project X and Memorial Day Sale!

Memorial Day Sale!

We are offering 20% site wide starting now thru 5/31. To get the discount be sure to enter discount code "NeverForget" during the check out process. If you have any issues getting that to work email us at

Minuteman Project X


No doubt many of you know about our Minuteman brand and it's efforts to raise funds for charities that help veterans via the sale of our American assembled Minuteman products. 
Right now we are working on a design for what could be our next watch. This new design is based on our popular Jester platform. To make this watch stand out a bit more from our current offerings we are thinking of using a mechanical type watch movement. We may use a wind-up type as we feel those historically are correct for a field type watch. We are also looking at using a automatic winding mechanical movement as well as a Kinetic type movement which is a cross between a mechanical and battery powered unit. Feel free to let us know which if these 3 types you would like to see us use. 
If we use a Kinetic the watches should sell for the same price as our current quartz models. If we use a full on mechanical the price would most likely be $100 to $150 dollars higher than our current Jester watches. 
For this model we are planning on using a watch strap made of either nylon or canvas. Canvas seems to be quite popular now. But a one piece or two piece military style nylon strap may be more appropriate for this particular watch. Please feel free to let us know which type you feel we should use. 
We plan to build 50 to 100 of these depending on the interest. We will be offering these via a pre-sale. As we are starting the project later in the year these might not be ready to ship until the 1st quarter of 2017. 
If you would like us to contact you when we are ready to start accepting orders please contact us at info@minutemanwatches and ask to be put on our contact list. 
In addition you can interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram