About Us

Dedicated to quality. Committed to country. Built to stand the test of time.

Minuteman Watch Company is named after the patriots at the dawn of the American Revolution who stood at the ready in times of great peril, prepared to assemble and defend the rights of their new country at a minute’s notice.

We honor them, and all Americans, with each piece we create. Our wristwatches are built by highly skilled American artisans who believe that American-made wristwatches are ready to return to prominence. While other companies rely increasingly on machines to churn out their watches, Minuteman Watch Company was built around the idea of providing jobs to Americans who are passionate about the craft and the artistry of watchmaking. This belief led Minuteman to create watches that are a blend of precision, passion and purpose. 

A portion of the proceeds from each Minuteman watch goes to charities that support American Veterans and their families. This promise goes back to the first days of the company in 2012, when the father-son team that founded Minuteman Watch Company promised a portion of their first-year sales to The Gary Sinise Foundation. Since then, Minuteman has designated an annual charity partner to benefit from the sale of each watch. This year’s partner is Building Homes for Heroes, a nonprofit dedicated to providing adapted homes to wounded warriors and their families.

Our History:



Thomas Carey and his father Roy Carey Jr. (a Vietnam Veteran) founded Minuteman Watch Company in 2012. They knew they wanted Minuteman to be built around three core goals: creating American jobs, helping American veterans, and creating stunning American timepieces.


This commitment to American values has led to thousands of dollars raised for America’s Veterans through charity sponsors like Homes For Our Troops, Team Rubicon, Fisher House, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Green Beret Foundation, Red Circle Foundation, and the Gary Sinise Foundation. Minuteman Watches is proud of our troops and proud to support them through the sales of our products.

Our Products:

Minuteman Parker Watches

Minuteman Watch Company products are assembled by highly skilled American watchmakers. Each piece is made with quality component parts which are sourced globally and in the US. Each watch is carefully assembled, tuned, and tested by hand in the United States of America. Our timepieces feature stainless steel cases, heavy duty nylon straps, sapphire crystals, and luminous hands and dials. Many of our pieces are made with the Ameriquartz movement; a quartz movement that is assembled by hand in the USA.

Our Promise:

Team Rubicon Watches

Minuteman Watch Company believes in the promise of America. Hard work, innovation, quality and dedication make up that promise. They also power each Minuteman wristwatch. When you wear a Minuteman watch, you are helping keep that promise. Thank you for supporting us, and for supporting America’s veterans.