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Why we created the Minuteman brand


Why we do what we do.

We created our Minuteman brand for 3 key reasons.

1. To raise funds for charities that assist Veterans and their families.

25% of the profit from our net annual sales of Minuteman products goes to charities assisting veterans     & their Families.

2. To provide work for Americans whenever we can.

All of our watches are proudly assembled in the United States by highly skilled American watchmakers. To date all of our knives have been 100% made in the USA.

3. To provide a quality product that will stand the test of time.

Our products are designed and built to provide many years of reliable service.

Each year we select a charity that helps veterans and their families. We raise funds for that charity throughout the year. To date we’ve raised funds for, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and Fisher House. We select charities that spend 83% or more of the funds they take on programs. Which means most of the funds they raise go to the veterans and their families and are not spent on marketing, executive salaries, legal fee’s etc. There are a few charities in which 100% of the money they raise is spent on programs. One example is the Gary Sinise Foundation. They are very few charities out there that are able to match that.

For 2017 we will continue to raise funds for Fisher House via the sale of our remaining Minuteman Jester watches. We have a project in the works now with Southern Grind which we should start taking orders on in about March of 2017. With that project $25 from each knife we sell will go to the Red Circle Foundation. Those knives will sell for under $250 and most likely we will only be able to offer about 50 of those. We have yet to announce what charity we will raise funds via the sale of our Minuteman Adjutant knives, and Project X watches in 2017. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know.

The reason why we raise funds for veteran’s charities is because the co-founder of our brand is a disabled Vietnam veterans. He has done well despite his ill health which was due to his contact with Agent Orange. While our co-founder has done well he and his son who also founded our company have seen many veterans struggle. Some dealing with physical wounds and others from mental ones. Our ownership feels strongly that our government particularly through the VA has let many of our veterans down when they’ve needed them most. Clearly we are not alone as so many great charities have been created in an effort to help America’s true heroes our veterans. Rather than create a charity of our own. We recognized that there were already many great charities out there but what they all need is money to fund their efforts. So we decided to mix our passion for American products with our desire to help veterans and create Minuteman. As a way to offer quality American products that will stand the test of time. While also raising funds for great charities like The Gary Sinise Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Fisher House, Red Circle Foundation, and more. We hope that when you wear our Minuteman watches or use our American made Minuteman knives and you see our brand name and our logo. You will think about those veterans out there and their families. Who have sacrificed so much to protect our way of life. This why on many of our products our logo is quite large and our name is quite prominent.

We thank all of you have purchased our products over the years. Some of you have purchased several of our products over the years. We ask that you will continue to consider supporting our efforts by helping us get the word out about our brand and its mission. As well as purchasing our quality products.

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