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Watching your Minuteman wrist watch actually being built!


Imagine if you could actually be in the shop as your Minuteman watch is being built. Sound interesting?


One of the shops building our Minuteman watches is IL Watch Co in Quincy IL. They actually have a small retail store front in addition to their main repair business. We at Minuteman were just speaking with the owner Craig Stone about getting them set up with some product for the store front. Our idea for that has been to have one of each model on display then take orders off that watch so basically build the watches as needed that are purchased from that shop.


Craig then had an even better idea and that’s allowing customers that are interested the chance to actually being on hand in the shop watch their specific Minuteman watch being built and tested.

So in the near future if you are in the Quincy IL area or you would like to make the trek their. Not only could you see and try on a Minuteman watch before you buy. But you might also have the option of being able to see your specific Minuteman being built.


Also IL Watch Co does offer other brands such as Hamilton which is a very good seller for them and a variety of vintage watches which can also be purchased. They can also repair any watch be it new or vintage. Which all means that you can travel to their shop to see our product and more! Stay tuned for updates regarding this.



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