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Upping our game on our dial lume spec’s.


When we started Minuteman watches we never said a thing about how our Minuteman watches would glow or even really state that they would glow. We just showed lume in the spec. We also did not show any renderings showing the various Minuteman models glowing. Of course we did add that along the way.

So I don’t want everyone to think we are going to have the best glow in the world. But I will say I feel it will be better than a lot of brands that are currently on the market.

Having said that we have decided to spend more money on each of our Minuteman watch dials in an effort to get the best performance we can get from the lume we are using on our dials. Minuteman is using the top grade of lume compound Tritec offers.

The dial producer we are going with typically would only do 3 layers of lume for a top name brand watch.

We have decided to go with 8 layers on ours. I am not quite sure if the numerals on our MM03, and MM04 will be able to handle that many layers as they are so thin.

But we do know the markers above the numbers will handle it.

The photo’s below we know are of a poor quality. These have 3 layers of lume on them and are from the dial suppliers 2nd round of samples.

As you can see our Lady in the field who took these photo’s. Did not get the focus right and she made the mistake of doing a night lume shoot with the flash on. So you really are not able to get the full effect of how these look in the dark. =(

First our Minuteman MM01 which due to it’s design is more lume friendly. Also note that they did put the lume in all of the areas they are supposed to on this model.

Next is our Minuteman MM04 wrist watch. We do know because of the design of the numerals on this model it will not glow as well as the Minuteman MM01 watch.

But to make up for that we are going to have the dial supplier. Lume hell out of the markers above the numbers on the Minuteman MM03 watch. As well as on the Minuteman MM04 watch. This they did not do on the examples below. On the next round of samples that should be corrected.

In closing stay tuned to this page for updates on the progress of our Minuteman watch effort.

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