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Update: Our $399 Minuteman Auto Models


We’ve just changed the look of our upcoming Minuteman Pink Panther. We had not gotten orders for the pink pastel version. But we had people contacting us to ask if we could make the hot pink version. So the people have spoken and we’ve just changed the Pink Panther to now look like this.

This I am sure will be shocking to many as it is to us. A few more orders and this will take the top slot in terms of popularity.

There are other versions on the chopping block right now. The three that will stay are the Fury, Jedburgh, and Pink Panther. The other versions are subject to total replacement.

If any of you would like to order any of the following versions for $399 contact us at ASAP. If we get 3 or more people interested in any of these we could end up replacing one of the versions we now are offering with one of these. Note that number 6 is the original version of the Arctic Ghost.

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