Blog: What's the latest Minuteman News?

Update on our Minuteman watch brand effort a major step has just taken place.



Today extensive testing was completed of our first operational watch. We literally ran every test the shop had and held our standards to those which Rolex and Omega demand from their products.

Our watch passed dry tests, and wet tests by a country mile. We tested to double the ISO requirement for a watch rated for 200 meters. At this point we are wondering just how much these can take. So in the near future we will test one to destruction.

In terms of accuracy with dial up which is how we tested after 24hrs we were dead on time.

We did learn that Renata watch batteries which the movements come with are prone to leakage. So we are doing as the top brands do and requiring those be replaced during the build out with either a Maxxel or Panasonic Li battery.

We also have decided to test our watches to the same high standards as Rolex uses. This includes things like accuracy, water resistance, and even the date change on the movements.

We did run into one issue which could cause a slight delay overall. That’s with our screw down crowns. It appears the tubes are ever so slightly too long. I have instructed them to check some other samples and also suggest the best fix. We will then go back to the supplier and have them make the correction.

We were also told that the watchmakers took photo’s of the assembly process and some of the testing. We have asked for those to be sent when they can to share those with all of you.

Thanks so much to all of you for continuing to follow our effort and believing in us. At this point we have sold about 125 watches in all.

We are already starting to look at offering a smaller uni-sex model.

We may have also found a source to produce future dials for us here in the U.S.

There is even a chance we might be able to do that in house by the end of next year.

Another item being looked at is a CNC machine that can produce cases in house. The issue with that is it would take pretty much a whole working day to build out a single watch case. Which we will not be enough to meet our need for all of the watches. So we may offer a special higher end watch with those cases and mechanical movements.


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