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Special thanks to Bill Harsey & Darrell Lewis!


I want to thank two gents who have been a huge help with our Minuteman brand and its effort to raise funds for veterans and provide work for Americans. First I want to thank Bill Harsey from William W. Harsey Knives Bill has been very supportive of our effort and has put us in contact with great folks like Darrell Lewis from Ionbond.

Ionbond will be doing our coating work for our Minuteman watches here in the U.S.A. in our view they offer some of the best if not the best coatings that can be used on a wrist watch. Darrell Lewis has a lot of contacts in manufacturing and has been of great help in suggesting other companies that may be of help in our efforts. In fact we are looking at working with one of those companies now depending on pricing. I will not discuss that until we know if that plan will work for us or not.

Also Bill has been helpful with connecting us with other parties who may be able to help us with future non-watch products that we are considering.

God bless both of these fine gentleman!


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