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Special one of Minuteman watch 100% for charity. Please follow as this comes together.


We are working on a special one of watch for Mercury One. 100% of donations go to the core charity with this group. They have done a lot especially for disaster relief in the U.S. they also donate to other great charities such as The Lone Survivor Foundation when those groups are working on a special effort.

The watch we are building for them will use a Liberty prototype dial. The case for the watch will have Ionbond Stainless Steel PVD coating. Because of the surface treatment done on that case prior to coating many will think it looks like sort of a light gun metal grey. We don’t currently offer a watch with that color coating and don’t have plans to currently. So to date it will be the only Minuteman which has been built with that. Also a fan of effort who makes very nice custom leather watch straps has volunteered to create a custom made strap for the watch. Which will make this the first Minuteman watch to come from the brand itself with a leather strap.

Also we are planning on using a movement which we don’t normally offer. The movement we are looking at right now is the ETA AQ which is their now discontinued Kinetic type movement. Those have not been made for a number of years but were great movements. There is no battery in the movement but it’s not a pure mechanical either. Those movements are not so easy to get at this point and generally priced at or higher than many automatic movements which are on the market. As these movements are not commonly used at this point. We feel this will also make the watch more unique. By not using an automatic movement it will be also much more user friendly to a wide array of people. Non watch people for the most part just don’t seem to be found of watches with mechanical movements based our brands experience.

To top all of this off we plan to have a special case back engraving design done. Our designer is on board for that but what we don’t have as of yet is a company willing and able to do the actual one of engraving. Although I do think we might have a company that we can get to do this. If any of you know of another company that might be willing and able to do that. Please do contact me at

We help all of you will consider taking part in the auction for this watch. Please keep an eye on our page for updates and details on when the auction will take place and how you can take part.


Thomas Carey
Minuteman Watch Co.

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