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Special Minuteman watch for Spec Ops!


We at Minuteman watches are not going to say a lot about this watch at this time. This Minuteman watch is a special watch we are offering to a very small, elite, and select group.

There are many special bits that tie into the history of the U.S. and items which have very special meaning to this particular Spec Ops team. We are not offering this to anyone outside this small team so don’t ask where you can buy one.

We here at Minuteman watches are sharing this as we are very proud to have been selected for this effort, and we our proud of our brave soldiers.

The watch dial of this Minuteman watch is not based on any of our current models and we will not be offering a similar design. This will be unique to this specific effort. The same goes for the caseback design.

Often watch brands will simply start with an existing model add a logo to the dial and maybe a bit of text to the caseback. Here at Minuteman we believe that our military deserves more than that.



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