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Please help us help charities that help veterans.


Many of you may have seen our posts etc recently about the fact that we are changing the way we here at Minuteman donate funds to #Veterans #Charities Basically we are now setting a fixed amount for each item we sell that will go to #Charity Announcing what charity those funds will go to and as soon as we get payment for a Minuteman product we are sending the charity those funds.

We are trying very hard to increase our ability to raise funds for the charities. Something that we really need help on is getting the word out about our efforts. As many of you know the best form of advertising is word of mouth. We believe with the internet discussion forums, blogs and especially social media this is true now more than ever.

So we can raise more funds for charity and spend less on marketing we ask that all of you help us get the word out about our brand and its efforts. By posting about it on your social media. Starting threads on discussion forums you take part in about our brand, efforts, and product. As well as simply telling your friends, family and people you meet in our daily life about our humble efforts and suggesting they check us out.

Here are some links to our social media and web sites. We hope all of you will follow us on those as share links to those.

Some of you have really stepped up and done this over the years and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that you will continue to help us get the word out. We also hope you will consider continuing to purchase our products when we offer something that interests you. Thanks such much to all of you.


Thomas Carey

Owner Minuteman Co.

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