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Photo’s from the front lines of our Minuteman watch effort!


This update of our Minuteman watch brand will loaded mostly with photos. The other day my wife and I traveled to the shop of Wesley Grau at Cornerstone Service Center.

We took up parts like the dials, and hands shown below.



Mr. Grau will be building out all of our Minuteman MM01 variants which folks just like you have purchase via pre-order.


Mr. Grau is a top notch watchmaker and has been the Chief Examiner
American Watchmakers Clockmakers Institute since 2007.

Here Mr. Grau is hard at work on our very first Minuteman MM01 PVD watch.




For those of you that don’t know with many watches that have screw down type crowns as our Minuteman watches do. If for some reason that crown is not screwed down at all or enough of the way. There is a good chance that if you go for a swim with it that the watch will get water inside of the case. In light of this top end Swiss brands like Rolex require that their dive models be tested with the crowns un-screwed and in that condition can pass a water resistance test of 100 meters. This is something we also require from our Minuteman MM01, Minuteman MM03, and Minuteman MM04 watch models.

This photo was taken as that test was being performed.


Thanks to all of you who are following our humble Minuteman efforts.

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God bless all of you and Merry Christmas!

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