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Our upcoming Minuteman MM01 vs 1st production MM01 what’s changed.

Our upcoming Minuteman MM01 regular production models are of course based on the 1st production version. Below left our 1st production version. Below on the right upcoming MM01 in Flat Dark Earth FDE.

The upcoming Minuteman MM01 versions will have a chapter ring just as the 1st production Minuteman MM01 model has. The 1st production model had two shades of black on the chapter ring. The regular production model will use one single shade of black for both the chapter ring and the dial background itself.

We are switching the Minuteman logo over to the same design which is also being used on our upcoming MM02 “Liberty” models.

As you can see we are re-locating the date window on the upcoming regular production Minuteman MM01 version. On the 1st production Minuteman MM01 models the date window cut into the 5. You will also see the date is not perfectly centered into the date window on the 1st production watch. This was done so that we did not have to locate the date window lower and thus cut into the 5 even more. By moving the date window to the 3 we are able to center the date wheel in the date window and it will not cut into the 3 as the date window did with the 5.

The next item we are changing is the text above the 6 which will add the re-located brand name. We are changing that text to match what we are doing with the upcoming Minuteman MM02 “Liberty” models. The text will now be in red and read.

Minuteman Watch Co
United States of America


The 1st production Minuteman MM01‘s were offered in a choice of brushed Stainless Steel, or Diamondblack DLC. The regular production model will be offered in a choice of Flat Dark Earth PVD, or Diamondblack DLC.

Lastly the 1st production Minuteman MM01 models used Swiss Made Ronda 715Li watch movements. The regular production versions will be switching over to Swiss mad ETA 955.112 movements.

You can pre order a Minuteman MM01 right now here.

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