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Our Minuteman Cushion case project tell us what you think


We’ve not had an update to our Minuteman news section for quite awhile so we are past due. For quite some time now we’ve wanted to offer a watch with a cushion style case. In the past we’ve attempted to find enough support to bring one to market but those attempts have not worked out. This time we are going for a bolder look. We also plan to offer these at lower price point than where our upcoming Minuteman Darby and Minuteman RWB will be priced at.

We wanted to ask all of you for your thoughts on some designs we are considering. Some of these may have our logo on the dial while others might just have our brand name like most brands do.

As of right now we are thinking of offering this case design in 4 or 5 versions. Which of these designs do you find to be of most interest? Please email us at and let us know.


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