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We thought you fine folks might be interested to know here at Minuteman we are currently working on a few additional models which we would plan to be able to ship in November of this year.

One of the items we are considering is a dress version of our upcoming Minuteman MM01 with a blue dial. The case would be either fully polished or a brushed finish. We may also simply offer a version with the same black dial but in a polished or brushed finish stainless steel case.

Also we had not planned on offering our Minuteman MM03 & MM04 designs as regular production models. However those have actually grown in popularity since that decision was made. In light of that change we are currently looking at offering a regular production version of one of these designs. When we have renderings we will share this with all of you.

Lastly here is an update on the sale of our first American made pocket knife. At present we plan to produce just 50 of these special knives. Currently half of the knives have already been sold & it looks like there is a very good chance they will be totally sold out before they have been produced. The knife is an exclusive version of the very popular ZeroTolerance 0801 Rexford. The knives are scheduled for production at the end of June and we plan to have all pre-orders filled by the end of July.

25% of the profit from each Minuteman MM01K knife we sell will be going to the charity Mercury One for use in their Active Military and Veterans Support Fund Fund.

To all of you who have supported our efforts by either helping us spread the word about our efforts, and or purchasing one of our Minuteman brand products. Thank you so much for the support.

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