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It’s been awhile since we have updated you on our Minuteman watch brand effort. Right now we are waiting on suppliers for multiple items. We are also very hopeful that no major issues will pop up along the way. Which could delay our plan to start delivering product by the end of December 2013.

At this point we seem to be on track but Mr. Murphy and his law could rear its ugly head yet. Currently we have the movements in house. We have found a source for cases which we will ship our watches in. Those cases will be made here in our home state of IL. We are waiting to get our dials, and hands in house. Those have been produced and are on their way to us now. The watch cases should be produced in the next 14 days based on what we are being told. We have some of the needed watch straps on hand and more are on the way now.

We have already identified areas in which changes will be made for 2014 so that we can have more of our products content come from the United States. We believe this will give us a higher quality finished product and it will provide more work for our fellow Americans.

If any of you know of companies in the United States that could provide us with dials, watch cases, watch straps, or any other related items. Please contact us and let us know about those companies.

Thanks to all of you who have supported our effort by making a purchase, donation, or simply helping to spread the word. We would not be where we are now were it not for your efforts.

In closing while the economy etc is quite challenging with little help for a turn around at this time. We will solider on and push to make our brand as big a success as we can. Remember our main focus is to raise funds for charities that assist veterans, and their families. As well as provide work to our fellow Americans by sourcing as much of our components etc here in the U.S. as we can.

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