Blog: What's the latest Minuteman News?

Minuteman watches rated for 200 meters but tested to 300 meters!



Here at Minuteman watches we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product. In some cases you can’t actually see the improvement. An example of this is in the testing we have decided to have done on each of our Minuteman watches.

Each Minuteman wrist watch will be tested for water resistance with both a typical dry vacuum test as well as with a wet test. Typically wet tests are only done on high end watches such as a Rolex dive watch. You can learn more about that here. Rolex Water Pressure Testing.

Our Minuteman watches are not dive watches but we are wet testing each of our MM01, MM03, and MM04 models to 30 bar or 300 meters. The tester being used for this is a Roxer NATATOR 40 / 125



In addition to the wet test and dry vacuum test each Minuteman watch will have a humidity test performed to the sort of standards that Rolex requires.


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