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Minuteman Watches Project X Update 11 15 2016


Here is a render though hard to see of the case back for our Minuteman Project X series. This is more complex and higher end than we’ve done to date.




Rather than having a logo engraved in a flat steel back we are going to have tooling made and stamp this into the back. Some call this reverse engraving or raised engraving. It’s more costly and requires extra tooling but the finished result is a higher end look.


This is just one of the areas we want to improve on with our Project X series.


The question remains will enough people pre-order one to make this a reality. To make this work we will need to pre – sell about 95 of the watches.


Not only are we upgrading the spec’s on these but we are also cutting our profit in an effort to keep the prices lower than they really should be for a watch with this sort of quality.

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