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Minuteman Watch Dial Samples Round 2.


Here are the latest dial samples for our Minuteman MM01,  Minuteman MM03, and Minuteman MM04 watch models. We have already rejected them and they are correcting the issues we pointed out.

For some reason the dial supplier decided to use some yellow on the Minuteman MM01 watch dial as you can see. The final dials will be white and the yellow was a mistake on the part of the vendor.



But we are much happier with the lume performance. The Minuteman MM01 watch dial is good to go in that respect. We are going to try and boost the performance a bit more in the Minuteman MM03, and MM04 watches.

In the next 14 days we should have our case samples. That should have the case back, and crown with it as well. For the hands they say Sept the 5th.

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