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Minuteman watch brand has an international appeal!


Who among us myself included would have guessed that our Minuteman effort would actually end up selling watches to people from around the world?

For those of you that don’t know about our effort. The goal of Minuteman is to build product in the U.S. which will provide work to fellow Americans in these challenging economic times.

In addition we will donate a percentage of the proceeds from each item sold to charities that assist veterans and their families.

Our brand name Minuteman harkens back to the very founding of the United States.

To start our effort we are offering a modern day version of a classic military watch. In times past this type of watch would be called a field watch. These days most would likely consider it to be a tactical watch.

The case shape and especially our Minuteman MM01 watch versions are influenced by the American VN era field watch. The Minuteman MM04 watch variants are a contemporary take on the classic field type watch.

In light of the fact that so much of the brand is focused on the United States. We honestly did not expect that anyone outside the U.S. would be interested in our product. Thus far we have had orders from countries such as Spain, Mexico, Canada, France, Norway, and UAE.

This is wonderful news to us here at Minuteman, and here is why. We really hope that the idea of a private non-government business. Harnessing the power of global free trade. To raise money for those in need. Who have sacrificed so much to support our way of life. Will be an idea which will spread to others here in the U.S. and around the world.

No doubt many of you are wondering why we do not refer to our brand as Minuteman watches. The reason is we hope to be able to expand our offering to include other types of products. What those products might be we do not yet know.

To wrap this up we thank all of you who have ordered a Minuteman watch. As well as those of you who have helped spread the word about our effort. Thanks to those of you in the media who have been kind enough to cover our effort.

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