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Special Projects!


Many of you have seen us post in the past special projects we’ve done. Such as the project we did for the charity Mercury One. A special watch we did for a Special Forces ODA, and most recently our collaboration with patriotic hacker Jester.
Typically an effort like our collaboration with Jester requires the pre sale of about 50 watches. Special projects such as those done for the Special Forces ODA and our Mercury One watch can sometimes be done when we already have a major production run in the works already. In which case a special project can be done with an order of about 20 watches.
We currently have some production runs being planned for 2017. As such its a perfect time to be able to offer a special project like the ones we’ve just discussed above. So of if your group, brand, team, blog, etc is interested in discussing a potential project with us please feel free to contact us at


A Heads up!

We also want to point out that we are currently working on a few knife projects. At this point it does look like we will be bringing to market a knife in conjunction with Justin Gingrich who is a former Army Ranger. That knife will be a small fixed blade knife set up for a choice of neck carry, waist carry, or pocket carry. Keep on an eye on our social media sites for updates.


Justin G K4

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