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Minuteman Project X update November 2016



We want to let you know what we plan to do with our Minuteman Project X watch design.

As of now we plan to attempt to fund this series in January of 2017. This could change but as of right now we plan to go with a higher quality specification then we’ve done to date. As such our cost for these watches will be higher than what a lot of start ups are selling theirs for via crowd fund. At the same time our margins will be lower than they really should be from a business stand point.

Here is the Spec we now have planned.

316L stainless steel case, back, bezel, and crown offered in your choice of brushed finish or black DLC coated

The caseback engraving will be reverse engraved which is something you see on higher end watches
Signed crown though I am not sure what logo or letter we will use for that. People expect it on watches of the price ours will sell for.

Swiss sourced hands at least that’s what our supplier is claiming. This will give is a higher quality set of hands.

Superluminova lume

We plan to have date wheels made up with black background and white numerals for the dials that have a black background.

Double domed sapphire crystal. What this means is the outside will be convex and the inside will be slightly concave. Basically it will be like a lens in terms of the shape.

Clear type anti reflective coating on the inside of the crystals

Miyota 9015 automatic movement

200 Meter water resistant

Screw down crown like you would find on a dive type watch. Having said that these will be a field type watch not a dive watch.

At this point we don’t have the size nailed down. We may go 45mm or it could go as small as 41mm. If we go with a larger size we will keep the lug to lug tip length a bit shorter than typcial so it fits better on smaller wrists.

We plan to offer 6 versions in all which works out to 3 dial colors in two case finish types.

One of the dials will be black background with very light grey printing and we are calling that “The Gray Man”

One dial will be black background with old radium superluminova which has sort of a tan look which will call “Darby”

The final dial will be blue background could be a metallic or so called sun ray style with white lettering we will call “RWB”

The regular price for the versions with the black DLC coating will be $540. We will offer a pre sale price of $399. We plan to make just 25 of each version. If the demand is there we will make a few more of each version. So we are not offering these a limited edition of 25 per say but we just what you to know we only plan to make 25 of each one.

If you would like we can add you to our contact list for the specific model and if we do green light it we will send you an email letting you know we are taking orders and it will include a url to direct you to the place you can order one. To get on that list email us at and asked to be added to the Project X contact list.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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