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Minuteman price increase for 2014 and shipping delays.




As many of you that ordered a 1st generation Minuteman watch in PVD may already know. We were not happy with the quality of those cases when they came in December of 2013. We decided to re-do those and upgrade all of our watches going forward. Currently our plan is that all of our black watches will be Diamondblack DLC.


DLC is actually a type of PVD coating but there is an additional diamond like coating applied as part of that PVD process. This results in a coating with superior wear resistance. Currently the only color we can get that in for our watches is black. On other models such as our upcoming Flat Dark Earth Liberty model. Those colors will still be done in PVD. But all of the coatings will be done by Ionbond in the United States of America! The result is an increase of about $35.00 per watch due to the coating costs and added labor for additional assembly. As well as added shipping charges for us.


In addition to that our U.S. assembly cost is higher than we projected on all of our Minuteman watches. The reason for this is we found the shops doing out work had testing equipment which give them an ability to test more extensively and to a higher standard than we had originally planned. We firmly believe this will give buyers of our watches a better final product and should make our watches a bit more reliable than watches from other brands at our price point. We believe in giving our buyers the highest level of reliability we can.


Lastly we are now looking at having our case back engraving done in the U.S. as well. We don’t know as of yet what the cost would be. It might be that we can not do that without yet another price increase, or by lowering the amount of money we can actually generate for charity. As we wish to do neither of those that may be something we save for 2015 when we would then increase our prices a bit again to cover this increase in cost. We are quite sure the quality of that engraving will be of a higher standard.


Currently we are feeling some serious push back for the price increase and in this economy who could blame people for that? We sure can’t, but part of our mission is to provide more work for Americans, generate more money for veterans, and deliver to our customers a higher quality product. We choose to make a bit of an increase to our prices in order to allow for all 3 of those items. So we do hope you will forgive us for our increase in our Minuteman watch prices.


In closing thanks so much to all of you out there who are still waiting for you’re Minuteman watch to be delivered. Those should start shipping here in January but many may not get theirs till February. Just keep in mind that if we are faced with the choice of delaying and shipping a better product, or shipping on time a product we believe is not up to the quality we ourselves expect. We are going to 100% of the time choose to delay delivery in lieu of a better product.


God bless all of you out there for believing in us and our efforts.




Thomas Carey

CEO Minuteman


Here is an update folks. It seems that our cost for watch movements is nearly doubling as well. We just found this out when we started ordering parts for future production.

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