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Minuteman JΞSTΞR ✪ Watches Are Shipping Now!


In the past we’ve posted about our Minuteman JΞSTΞR ✪ watches. These are now in stock and ready to ship. Thus far these watches have been very well received by those that pre-ordered one. Recently several people have been posting photo’s of their Jester Watches on Twitter. Here are some of those photo’s.

CZ5-aOZWcAAHiSB CZ5-H1XWcAIcsyy CZnH3JEW0AA5uW_ (1) CZrhDrRWYAAYfjT CZXV2qiUEAA59Cn CZXwuRnUkAA_FBd WP_20160122_20_00_16_Rich-2_thumb CZ7hwuUVAAALKMH

To find out more and or place an order for a Minuteman Jester watch. Visit our site here. 

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