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Minuteman in 2018


Let’s take a look at what is coming from Minuteman watches in 2018. First up if you’ve not already heard. For 2018 the charity we will be raising funds for is Team Rubicon. This is a charity you might not have heard of before. Here is a bit of info about what they do which is located on their website.

“The physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness of our country’s returning veterans are of national importance. As our veterans have returned home, many have experienced challenges navigating the transition back into civilian life.

While there are real and difficult issues plaguing our veterans – a lack of resources and understanding around mental health, homelessness, unemployment – Team Rubicon does not see our veterans as broken. At Team Rubicon, veterans are the agent of our mission, not the object.

By engaging our veterans in continued service through disaster response, not only does Team Rubicon provide relief to affected communities, but many veteran volunteers begin to regain the purpose, community, and identity that is difficult to find upon leaving the armed forces.”

Please take the time to visit their site and read what they have in their “Our Mission” section and also their “About” section. We have not doubt you will be inspired as are we.


Onto the products we currently have planned to release in 2018:

First up many of you already know about our upcoming Minuteman Jedburgh, Fury, and Sentinel. We are currently pre selling these at a discount. Currently you can reserve with a deposit of just $40 with $30 going to charity. We’ve been working on getting color dial samples for these for about 6 weeks now. At this point we hope to have completed watches ready to ship in June. Below are the three models we will be making. To place an order please visit this page.


Next up is our collaboration with Team Rubicon for a special watch. These will mark a return to quartz type movements for Minuteman watches. This will be the first watch we’ve offered with a push pull crown. We believe this will be easy for most people to use. Also the price will be lower than any other model we currently offer. For this project we will start by charging a deposit of just $40 for the first 30 to 60 days. $30 from that will go to the charity. When we place the order for all of the needed parts buyers will be invoiced for 30% of the remaining balance. When our parts suppliers have the parts ready and are asking for the final payment. We will then invoice people for the remaining balance. This means the price will be split into 3 payments. Additional funds from the final payment for each watch will also be going to the charity. We will have more details when we open up pre sale of these.

Lastly we would like to talk about the price of our watches. Our watches cost more than some might expect for a few reasons which are unique to our brand. We use quality components in all of our watches so the watches will provide many years of service to you. Our watches are assembled in the USA by a highly skilled watchmaker with over 30 years of experience. Most if not all other brands which we truly compete have their watches assembled in China. We choose to source our packaging and leather straps from the US while many others go with China. Especially when it comes to packaging. Which most all the packaging for watches even for the Swiss brands come from China. Another thing I would like to point out. Is the fact that we only make about 100 watches in a year. Typically a brand needs to be able to sell at least 500 watches per year. Our lower production though means that fewer people can own one of our watches. So your not likely to encounter another person in your daily life that has a watch that looks just like yours. I guess you could say this makes our watches more exclusive. I don’t typically use that word as it really is marketing BS that a lot of large brands like to use. Because of all of the above factors our cost for each watch is quite a bit higher. We feel it’s worth it in the end and we hope you do as well.

If you would like to stay up to date with our brand and special we offer I encourage all of you to sign for our newsletter. You will find prompts to do that throughout our site or you can simply email us at and put “Subscribe” in the subject.

In closing I would like to thank all of you who’ve supported us over the years by purchasing our products and suggesting others you know do the same. We hope all of you have a great 2018. Please consider helping us in our effort this year to raise funds for Team Rubicon. Even if you don’t have an interest in any of our current upcoming watches please consider making a donation directly to Team Rubicon.



Thomas Carey

Owner Minuteman Watches


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