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Minuteman “Darby” Pre-order info please read!


Please read all of this carefully.

To determine if there is enough interest to move forward with pre-sales of our Minuteman Darby. We ask those of you who are interested in ordering one of these watches at the special discounted price shown below contact us at and let us know that you want to reserve a slot for one. If you have any questions please contact us at

Minuteman will be offering just 50 people the chance to purchase our upcoming Minuteman Darby watch model with automatic movement for just $399. The regular price for this new model will be $525.00. We offer our current quartz Minuteman models for $399.

For those of you wondering why this new watch will have such a higher price here is why.

This new watch has a movement that costs us more than double the price of the movement we now use. Our assembly cost is almost double what our current quartz models are. Plus we are upgrading to an expensive double domed watch crystal which will cost us double the price of the one we currently use.

Lieutenant Colonel Darby.
We are naming this model after the man that many feel is the father of the modern day Army Rangers William O. Darby. The model name is “Darby”.


In World War II Lieutenant Colonel Darby was with the first U.S. troops sent to Northern Ireland at the outbreak of the war, and during his stay there, he became interested in the British Commando groups.

His interest was such that, when the U.S. Army decided to establish its Ranger units, he was put in charge of the organization and training of its original units.

Darby’s Rangers” trained with their British Counterparts in Scotland and in 1943, the 1st Ranger Battalion made its first assault at Arzew, North Africa. As a result, Lt. Col. Darby was awarded the Distinguish Service Cross.


The heart of the watch

The movement we will be using for this new model is the Sii NE15 aka Seiko 6R15. The movement is hacking/handwinding/autowinding with 24 jewels and it has a 50 hour power reserve. The NE15 is part of Sii’s NE Premium Mechanical Series. These are the best grade of Seiko movements we can get access to.


The watches and their price

These watches will be built on our current “Jester” platform. But we will be upgrading the crystal to a double dome Sapphire crystal which will have A/R coating on the inside. These will also come with a military style strap rather than the leather straps we now use as we feel its a better fit for this watch.
We only plan to produce a small batch of 100 of these. We will be offering just 50 of these at the discounted price of $399.
The regular price for the remaining watches will be $525.
Before we formally launch this new model and start taking pre-orders. We want to see if enough interest is there to support this new watch. So if you would like to take advantage of our special offer email us at and let us know that you want to reserve your discounted Minuteman Darby Watch.


Here are the spec’s for this new watch.

Proudly assembled in the USA by Minuteman Watch Co.
Individually serial numbered
Stainless Steel case with black PVD coating.
Double domes sapphire crystal with A/R coating on the inside.
42mm width without crown.
Screw down crown.
200 meter water resistant..
Sapphire crystal.
NE15 automatic movement.
Luminous hands and dial.
Assembled in the United States of America.

Help us help veterans

As with all of our other Minuteman products part of the profits will go to charities that help veterans and their families. In the past we’ve raised fund charities like the Gary Sinise Foundation, and Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Currently we are working to raise funds for Fisher House. So we ask that you seriously taking advantage of offer. Not only will you get a watch that is proudly assembled in the USA by Americans. But you will help us in our efforts to raise funds for our military hero’s who need a helping hand.

We at Minuteman would very much like to honor the Lieutenant Colonel Darby and the United States Army Rangers. As well as to continue to raise funds for veterans charities by making this new model a reality.

Even if you are not able to purchase one of these watches. We ask that you please help us get the word out about our efforts to bring out this new watch, raise funds for veterans, and honor the US Army Rangers.

If you have any questions or would like to reserve one at the special discount email us at 


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