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Minuteman Darby and RWB wrist watches


Today we’ve just taken the next step in the process of bringing our new Minuteman project X watches to the market. Based on pre orders thus far it appears interest is strongest for our Minuteman Darby in black DLC and our Minuteman RWB in brushed finish.

So we have just ordered the parts needed to assemble a prototype for each of these two versions. We hope to have these in early March if not sooner. When we do we will post photo’s of each version and may also send one out to one of the major watch blogs for a review.

So far sales have been slower than we had hoped. Thus we may be forced to scale back our initial production of these to just 20 of each version. We also may drop the Gray man version unless we see a radical shift in ordering. If you have been planning on ordering and want either a RWB in the brushed finish or the Darby in DLC we suggest you order very soon. As about half of each of those versions has now been sold if we do in fact limit each version to just 20.

Many of you might not realize it but at the discounted price we are offering. We know of no other watch which is built to the spec’s we will be building these to. Which is assembled in the USA as ours will be that is currently on the market for a price this low. Typically a similar watch from a similar brand would sell for about $800 and pre sell for about $650. Our pre sale price on the Darby in DLC is just $399. The RWB in brushed finish is even less! The only reason we are offering these at such a low price is we very much believe in this design and have always wanted to bring to market a Minuteman watch with an automatic.  We are convinced once these watches have shipped to those that purchase via the pre sale the reviews will be glowing and people will realize what a great value these truly are.

In closing we ask that you help us get the word out about these watches by telling folks about it on your social media and posting about them on the various watch discussion forums.

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