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Minuteman Cushion Case Project


First up while we at Minuteman would like to move forward with this project we just don’t know if people will actually want to step up and buy one of these. If any of these looks like something you would be willing to own please contact us at and let us know. If you have any tweaks to suggest also we ask that you let us know.

Here at Minuteman we’ve long wanted to do a series built on a cushion case design and think we now have the right platform for this. The idea is to offer 3 or 4 different versions which each look distinctly different from each other. These will be 42mm in width. At this point we have planned to use Swiss Ronda 515 Quartz movements. However we are also thinking of going with SII NH36 Japanese made mechanical automatic movements. Though those NH36 would add to the price of these.

Here are three designs that we believe we will move forward with. We have multiple tweaks planned for each of these but you can pretty well get the idea of where we are going on these.

Here are two more designs that we are thinking of for the fourth version. The one on the right is pretty close to what we would go with if we selected it. The one on the left is the most radical design our Minuteman brand has considered to date. We like the idea of offering at least one bold design. Most likely there would be several changes to it in order for us to move forward. Here again if you have suggestions on how we can improve the design please reach out to us at 


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