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Meet the Minuteman Gray man


We thought some of you might be interested in knowing a bit of the story behind a watch model we are bringing to the market via a pre-sale.

The name for Minuteman Gray Man watch model/s comes from a term used by many regarding Navy SEALs BUD/S training.

“There is a saying in BUD/S: ideally you want to become the gray man. In other words, you become invisible, nobody notices you, because you do everything so perfectly that you never stand out.”

While this idea seems to have started out as a piece of advice those who had successfully completed the Navy SEAL selection process to those who were about to attempt it. It’s a concept that seems to be growing in general and is worth Google search if you want to know more about it.

As such our Gray man watch has a black DLC, case, black watch strap, and a black dial background. But and this could be hard to tell on the device your viewing this render on now. The print on the dial rather than being your typical white is actually a very light grey color. We also opted to go with this same light grey on the hands. This allows the watch to be quite readable without standing out quite as much as your typical white would. So in a sea of watches with black cases, black dials, and white print our Gray man sort of hides in plain site.

Right now you can pre-order one and save $200! For the details please follow this link.


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