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Join our mission to help Team Rubicon!



Here at Minuteman we have a new mission and we hope all of you will join us in our effort. As of 11/1/2017 we are raising funds for the great charity Team Rubicon. This is a charity you might not have heard of before. Here is a bit of info about what they do which is located on their website.

“The physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness of our country’s returning veterans are of national importance. As our veterans have returned home, many have experienced challenges navigating the transition back into civilian life.

While there are real and difficult issues plaguing our veterans – a lack of resources and understanding around mental health, homelessness, unemployment – Team Rubicon does not see our veterans as broken. At Team Rubicon, veterans are the agent of our mission, not the object.

By engaging our veterans in continued service through disaster response, not only does Team Rubicon provide relief to affected communities, but many veteran volunteers begin to regain the purpose, community, and identity that is difficult to find upon leaving the armed forces.”

Please take the time to visit their site and read what they have in their “Our Mission” section and also their “About” section. We have not doubt you will be inspired as are we.

What Minuteman is currently doing is donating $30 out of each $40 deposit we are currently accepting for our upcoming Minuteman Fury, Jedburgh, Sentinel, Arctic Ghost, and Pink Panther wristwatches. Currently we are pre selling these models at a nice discount. When the pre sale is complete and we go to the regular pricing for these models the amount we donate to Team Rubicon will at least double.

While we sure would like to donate more the fact is our costs are higher than 99% of other brands that are similar to us. As many of you know we assemble in the USA. Most similar micro brands have everything done in China. Because we assemble in the US our assembly cost is 6 times higher. We also source our packaging in the USA which is about triple the cost others pay for their packaging. Another factor is the fact that our yearly production is a fraction of the other brands. Thus they get much better pricing as they deal in larger quantities.

What our brand does offer is a quality wristwatch proudly assembled in the USA that will provide years of service to you. Plus we donate part of our profit to great charities that are very efficient in their use of the money that they raise.

To purchase one of these watches and help us with our humble efforts please visit this page on our website.


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