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Important announcement regarding our Minuteman PVD wrist watch models.



Here at Minuteman we have decided to make a last minute upgrade in the finish of our Minuteman watches with the black cases and crowns. We are now going to have these coated by Ionbond in Greensboro, NC with their top quality Diamondblack™ DLC coating. This higher quality coating is costing us 7.5 times more than the PVD we were going to use.

 Because of the fact that Minuteman is making this upgrade to our DLC models. Those models will not start delivering till Jan of 2014. We do hope to have all of the orders placed in 2013 for these filled by the end of January. However some may in fact not get their Minuteman DLC watch till February of 2014. For this we here at Minuteman do humbly apologize.

If you’re wondering why Minuteman is doing this here is why. Our Minuteman watch cases just as 99% of every other brands case is made in China. The coating was also being done in China. When we got in those cases on December 12th.

We deemed the quality of that coating to be below our standards. We then decided to have those cases stripped and re-coated by arguably the best company in the business Ionbond.

Better yet that company will be doing that here in the U.S.A. We do want to point out that Ionbond actually has set up a factory in Switzerland to do coatings for Cartier. They are doing their cases and working on an effort to coat their mechanical watch movements.

 Despite this great increase in Minutemans cost we are not charging an additional fee to those of you who have already ordered. Minuteman is also not going to charge extra to those who order before January 1st of 2014. At that time the price on our Minuteman DLC models will be at least $499 each.

We here at Minuteman humbly apologize for any inconvenience this delay will cause to you our valued customers. But Minuteman wants to deliver the best product we can. As well as increase our American content whenever we can. This change allows us to do both.

God bless all of you for believing in our Minuteman effort to raise funds for veterans and build watches in the United States of America!


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