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Game changing moment for our Humble Minuteman brand? Could be only time will tell.


Right now thanks to Huckberry and the 5th SF guys we did a special watch for. Not to mention those which have gotten our 1st production Minuteman watch models that were pre-ordered.  We now barely have anything left to sell of any model.


At this point we think we can come up with about 15 more Minuteman MM04 DLC‘s and Minuteman MM03 DLC‘s to sell from our 1st production run. After that we will pretty much have built out all we can from our 1st production run. So if you think you want a Minuteman watch. My advice is when you see if offered for sale don’t wait too long before you buy it.


Next we are moving forward to our regular production Minuteman MM01 DLC which will be tweaked a bit. We may also offer a version in Flat Dark Earth. Overall our Minuteman MM01 models have thus far been our best seller.




We will produce our Minuteman “Liberty” model which we expect will have limited interest and not be produced again after this year.




We are also working on a design we call our “Desert” model which has some technical challenges at present and thus may not make it to market. We hope to have at least one of our second production watches ready to ship by this August. The issue there is being able to raise enough up front capital to order the needed components by about the 1st of March. Which we need to do in able to make that delivery goal.




Right now we are getting requests from sites similar to our 1st dealer Huckberry even one based in Paris France.


The day Huckberry launched sales of our watches the sold out in about the first hour and basically purchased everything else we had.


That same day the head of the “watch category” for Amazon contacted us and is very eager have us offering our Minuteman watches on Amazon.  Trouble is we don’t have product currently and they don’t allow pre-selling which we would much rather handle direct through our web site. Also we have brick and mortar jewelers expressing interest in our brand as well.


Our issue now is just getting enough Minuteman products for all of the interested parties. The issue there is the up- front operating capital needed to order parts. Also we are not sure at this point how many of what models we need to be planning on producing.


I am sure all of this is much more than you ever wanted to know. But we like to be very open about our brand and let people into much of the behind the scenes workings. Thanks so much for those that took the major leap of faith by placing a pre-order with a new brand and then waiting as much as a year to get your order. Also a big thanks for those of you that have spread the word about our effort. If your reading about us for very first time you can learn more about our efforts here.




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