Blog: What's the latest Minuteman News?

Announcing our latest Minuteman watch the MM03!


MM03 anouncement

Our new Minuteman MM03 can be had in both black PVD, and a bare Stainless Steel finish.

The Stainless Steel version is limited to just 24 serial numbered watches.

The black PVD version is limited to just 65 serial numbered watches.

Our Minuteman watches use a rugged Swiss watch movement with a Lithium Ion battery which is rated to last 10 years.

Each Minuteman watch will be assembled in the United States of America.

For each Minuteman watch sold a donation will go to a charity that assists veterans who need a helping hand and their families.

You can find additional information on our Minuteman brand, and its effort to help veterans. On various social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. As well as our company’s website (

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