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About the cases our Minuteman watches come in. Do any of you own a Randall Made knife?


I asked the supplier of the padded zipper cases each of our Minuteman watches come in a bit about their background. Here is the back and forth.


My first question: Say how long have you been supplying cases for Randall Made Knives?


“We have been making the official Randall Made cases since 1984. They’ve also made folding cases for Spyderco for over 25 years, and made more than 50,000 of them for that contract alone. And countless cases for hundreds of custom knife makers since 1981.”


My follow up question: Wow they have been making them that long? Were they actually the first ones to offer such cases for knives?


“No, they were not the first. However, Jimmy Lile (the knifemaker that made the original “First Blood” knife for the movie) suggested they make knife cases, they were already making gun cases so it was a simple addition to their line of products, and Jimmy Lile was their first knife case customer in 1981.


For what it’s worth, I’ve seen lots and lots of knife cases over the years, and they truly use the best materials, and have unparalleled quality.”


We thought some of you might find this bit of inside info to be of interest.


By the way we are going to update our Minuteman cases a tad bit in a few weeks and here is the sample.

Of course these cases are made with pride in the United States of America.

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