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Join our mission to help Team Rubicon!



Here at Minuteman we have a new mission and we hope all of you will join us in our effort. As of 11/1/2017 we are raising funds for the great charity Team Rubicon. This is a charity you might not have heard of before. Here is a bit of info about what they do which is located on their website.

“The physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness of our country’s returning veterans are of national importance. As our veterans have returned home, many have experienced challenges navigating the transition back into civilian life.

While there are real and difficult issues plaguing our veterans – a lack of resources and understanding around mental health, homelessness, unemployment – Team Rubicon does not see our veterans as broken. At Team Rubicon, veterans are the agent of our mission, not the object.

By engaging our veterans in continued service through disaster response, not only does Team Rubicon provide relief to affected communities, but many veteran volunteers begin to regain the purpose, community, and identity that is difficult to find upon leaving the armed forces.”

Please take the time to visit their site and read what they have in their “Our Mission” section and also their “About” section. We have not doubt you will be inspired as are we.

What Minuteman is currently doing is donating $30 out of each $40 deposit we are currently accepting for our upcoming Minuteman Fury, Jedburgh, Sentinel, Arctic Ghost, and Pink Panther wristwatches. Currently we are pre selling these models at a nice discount. When the pre sale is complete and we go to the regular pricing for these models the amount we donate to Team Rubicon will at least double.

While we sure would like to donate more the fact is our costs are higher than 99% of other brands that are similar to us. As many of you know we assemble in the USA. Most similar micro brands have everything done in China. Because we assemble in the US our assembly cost is 6 times higher. We also source our packaging in the USA which is about triple the cost others pay for their packaging. Another factor is the fact that our yearly production is a fraction of the other brands. Thus they get much better pricing as they deal in larger quantities.

What our brand does offer is a quality wristwatch proudly assembled in the USA that will provide years of service to you. Plus we donate part of our profit to great charities that are very efficient in their use of the money that they raise.

To purchase one of these watches and help us with our humble efforts please visit this page on our website.


Special order Minuteman Wristwatches


Today we would like to point out that one can special order any of the following.


Despite the fact we are only offering our upcoming Minuteman Alpha and Bravo models in black DLC finish with green 5 ring zulu/nato type nylon straps.

You can special order either of these for the same price in the brushed finish with your choice of a black leather strap, brown leather strap, green zulu/nato, or black zulu/nato type straps. Below is an image of what this would look like with the popular Alpha model and a black leather strap. To order email us at keep in mind we are currently discounting these via pre sale so its a great time to order one and save. We will only be making one small batch of both the Alpha and Bravo models. So not many people will be able to own one of these.



Also you can special order one of the upcoming Minuteman Fury, Jedburgh, Arctic Ghost, Sentinel, and or Eclipse models in a black DLC finish.

It can be special ordered with your choice of a black leather strap. Brown leather strap. Black 5 ring Zulu/Nato or green Zulu/Nato strap.

If this is an option you would like to order feel free to contact us direct at

We only plan to make about 20 of each version. Which means if you opt for the black DLC finish and one of the above strap choices you may end up with a watch that no one else has.

Update: Our $399 Minuteman Auto Models


We’ve just changed the look of our upcoming Minuteman Pink Panther. We had not gotten orders for the pink pastel version. But we had people contacting us to ask if we could make the hot pink version. So the people have spoken and we’ve just changed the Pink Panther to now look like this.

This I am sure will be shocking to many as it is to us. A few more orders and this will take the top slot in terms of popularity.

There are other versions on the chopping block right now. The three that will stay are the Fury, Jedburgh, and Pink Panther. The other versions are subject to total replacement.

If any of you would like to order any of the following versions for $399 contact us at ASAP. If we get 3 or more people interested in any of these we could end up replacing one of the versions we now are offering with one of these. Note that number 6 is the original version of the Arctic Ghost.

Minuteman Hurricane Harvey Charity Auction


Minuteman Watches effort to raise funds to help those effected by Hurricane Harvey is now live!

We are offering up the prototype for our upcoming #Minuteman #Bravo #wristwatch Right now this is the only one that exists and it will be unique compared to the final production version.

100% of the funds we raise less fee’s which should be minor will go to the charity Mercury One

Please help us get the word out about our humble to help raise funds for some folks that are really hurting right now.


Project 38 Special


Once again here at Minuteman Watch Co. we are looking at offering a lower priced watch in a smaller size. The past two attempts have not gotten off the ground. This time though based on the response in facebook groups we appear to have a better design.

The idea is to have a watch that will fit both men and women. This watch is more for non watch collector types that still wear watches. Thus we want something that looks really nice but has a reliable Swiss Quartz movement. The current thinking is that we would offer this in 6 versions via a pre sale. Though we might offer more than that via the pre sale then actually produce the 6 most popular versions. Which we are trying to come up with a good way that does not cause issues for you fine folks. The reason we are thinking of doing this is we feel this design looks really good in a lot of colors.

Based on pricing we’ve gotten from suppliers thus far it appears these would pre sell for about $299. This watch would have the most expensive dial we’ve ever offered in a watch. The dial itself will cost us about twice as much as our current models. The reason is that applied markers cost a lot more money especially when they are filled with the type of lume we want to use. This should give us the highest quality appearing watch we’ve offered to date with the best glow in the dark.

We would like to have you help us in picking which colors to offer. Please have a careful look of each of these versions and let us know which 6 version you would most like to see us make. You can let us know by emailing us at


To view the full size image please click on the photo.

Here are the spec’s as of August 27th 2017.

  • Proudly assembled in the USA by Minuteman Watch Co.
  • 316 L Stainless Steel case.
  • Flat sapphire crystal.
  • Clear type A/R coating on the inside of the crystal.
  • 38mm width without crown.
  • 8.5 mm thick.
  • 100 meter water resistant.
  • Matching metal bracelet
  • Swiss Ronda Quartz movement.
  • Luminous hands and dial.
  • Applied markers filled with lume in the center.

Minuteman Cushion Case Project


First up while we at Minuteman would like to move forward with this project we just don’t know if people will actually want to step up and buy one of these. If any of these looks like something you would be willing to own please contact us at and let us know. If you have any tweaks to suggest also we ask that you let us know.

Here at Minuteman we’ve long wanted to do a series built on a cushion case design and think we now have the right platform for this. The idea is to offer 3 or 4 different versions which each look distinctly different from each other. These will be 42mm in width. At this point we have planned to use Swiss Ronda 515 Quartz movements. However we are also thinking of going with SII NH36 Japanese made mechanical automatic movements. Though those NH36 would add to the price of these.

Here are three designs that we believe we will move forward with. We have multiple tweaks planned for each of these but you can pretty well get the idea of where we are going on these.

Here are two more designs that we are thinking of for the fourth version. The one on the right is pretty close to what we would go with if we selected it. The one on the left is the most radical design our Minuteman brand has considered to date. We like the idea of offering at least one bold design. Most likely there would be several changes to it in order for us to move forward. Here again if you have suggestions on how we can improve the design please reach out to us at 


Update: Minuteman Darby and RWB watches


For those of you who have pre ordered either a Minuteman Darby or RWB. Our suppliers expect to have parts ready to ship to us by the first of August. If all goes well we hope to be able to start shipping completed Minuteman Darby and RWB watches at the end of August.

To those of you thinking of buying one of these watches, or have been waiting for us to offer watches with automatic movements. You can still purchase a Minuteman Darby or RWB at a nice discount by ordering one from us right now. These are the first watches we’ve offered with automatic winding mechanical movements.

We will increase the price of these models at the end of August. So there is not much time left to save money on one of these.

Our Minuteman Cushion case project tell us what you think


We’ve not had an update to our Minuteman news section for quite awhile so we are past due. For quite some time now we’ve wanted to offer a watch with a cushion style case. In the past we’ve attempted to find enough support to bring one to market but those attempts have not worked out. This time we are going for a bolder look. We also plan to offer these at lower price point than where our upcoming Minuteman Darby and Minuteman RWB will be priced at.

We wanted to ask all of you for your thoughts on some designs we are considering. Some of these may have our logo on the dial while others might just have our brand name like most brands do.

As of right now we are thinking of offering this case design in 4 or 5 versions. Which of these designs do you find to be of most interest? Please email us at and let us know.


Help us create our next watch


In the past we’ve had a few efforts to bring to market a smaller lower priced Minuteman watch. Sadly there was not enough support for those efforts. Once again we are considering an attempt to bring to market a smaller more affordable Minuteman watch. We hope you will share your thoughts and ideas to help us create a watch that more people will want to own. You can email us at you can take part in the discussion of our new Facebook group our interact with us on our Facebook business page

This is pretty close to what the case will look like.

We may use this dial and hand design or we may totally scrap it and start with a fresh dial and hand design.

So here are some Questions for you. If we could offer a Minuteman watch that would pre sell for $250. Would you be interested in buying one?

The watch would be 40 mm in width.

Water resistant to 100 meters.

Have a sapphire crystal

Be offered in either brushed stainless finish or black DLC finish

The watch would have a quality Swiss quartz movement

If there is a dial color etc you would like to see please let us know.

Let us know if this is of interest to you.


From the start of our Minuteman brand when we first offered our Minuteman MM01 watch model. People asked for a version which had a automatic winding mechanical movement. Recently we had realized that our upcoming Project X platform would allow us to offer that. So right now we are thinking of offering a 3rd version of our Project X along side our RWB and Darby models that would be an updated version of our original MM01 design. We are thinking of calling this model the Minuteman “Classic”.

We are trying to see how many would buy one if we were to offer this so please email us at and let us know. The pre sell price would be $399.

The Spec’s:

Proudly assembled in the USA by Minuteman Watch Co.
Stainless Steel case with black DLC finish
Double domed sapphire crystal.
Clear type A/R coating on the inside of the crystal.
42mm width without crown.
Screw down crown.
200 meter water resistant.
Military style Zulu/Nato watch strap
Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical movement.
Luminous hands and dial.



Which of the above versions do you think is best? Email us at and let us know.

Presenting our 1st Minuteman RWB Prototype wrist watch!


Video walk around of our 1st Minuteman RWB prototype. You can save big by ordering yours right now.

These watches will be assembled in the USA. We believe our pre sale price can not be beat on a watch of this quality that is assembled in the USA. The pre sale price on this particular model is just $369!


Proudly assembled in the USA by Minuteman Watch Co.
Stainless Steel case with brushed finish
Double domed sapphire crystal.
Clear type A/R coating on the inside of the crystal.
42mm width without crown.
Screw down crown.
200 meter water resistant.
American made Leather strap.
Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical movement.
Luminous hands and dial.

We do have a few changes planned on the final version. One of which will be the strap which we will switch to a higher quality American made leather strap for this version. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at  We suggest you sign up for our newsletter here to stay up to date with our brands efforts.

Order your American made Minuteman Southern Grind Special Edition Spider Monkey Now!


We are now accepting orders for our special edition Minuteman/Southern Grind Spider Monkey. You can find details and order one here.

For those of you that don’t Minuteman has teamed up with Zac Brown’s Southern Grind brand to offer a special version of their popular Spider Monkey model. We will be making just one batch of these knives which just started accepting orders for. We are accepting orders now thru May 31st and will make enough to cover the pre-orders and perhaps a few more.

This special knife will carry both the Southern Grind name and logo and the Minuteman brand logo. Each knife features tan G10 handle scales, military style nylon fob, and a black PVD coated blade made out of premium S35VN blade steel.

The idea behind this special edition Minuteman / Southern Grind Spider Monkey is to offer a high quality American made knife, and to raise funds for the Red Circle Foundation charity. Minuteman will donate a portion of the profit from each knife sold to the charity. For details please visit our site here.
For those of you that don’t know about the Red Circle Foundation please watch this video.

In addition, a portion of the sales of Zac Brown’s Southern Grind knives go to benefit Camp Southern Ground, the non-profit passion project of three-time GRAMMY award-winning artist Zac Brown. To learn more about Camp Southern Ground please visit
Here are the specifications:
Handle: Tan G10
Lock & Liner: 6AL4V Titanium
Grind: Conventional Flat Grind
Blade Steel: S35VN
Hardness: RC 58-59
Blade Length: 3.25 inches
Blade Finish: Black PVD
Weight: 3.2 oz
Overall Length: 7.4375 inches
Handle Length: 4.1875 inches
Blade Thickness: .130 inches

It’s a Win Win!


When you buy an American made Minuteman Adjutant knife you will get a handy little knife perfect for daily carry and you will help us raise funds for the fine folks at the Green Beret Foundation.

While our knife might seem like just another knife we can tell you some interesting things about it. Each of these knives is not only made in the USA. But each one is finished by hand by Justin Gingrich who has a very interesting background. Justin served 10 years on active duty in such honored units as the 3rd Ranger Battalion (1992-1996), 20th Special Forces Group (1996-1998), and the Ranger Training Brigade (1998-2001). The name of our knife is also interesting at least we think so. The Adjutant was named by #1 New York Times bestselling author of 16 novels Brad Thor. After a recent chat with a well known knifemaker Bill Harsey. We’ve decided to send $20 from each Minuteman Adjutant we sell to the Green Beret Foundation.

We offer the Minuteman Adjutant in multiple versions which you can see here on our site. Here are a few of the versions.


Adjutant Basic:

Adjutant RWB:

Adjutant RWB:

Adjutant Desert:


Even if you are not interested in buying one of these knives. Please visit the folks at the Green Beret Foundation and strongly consider making a donation direct to them.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Please help us help charities that help veterans.


Many of you may have seen our posts etc recently about the fact that we are changing the way we here at Minuteman donate funds to #Veterans #Charities Basically we are now setting a fixed amount for each item we sell that will go to #Charity Announcing what charity those funds will go to and as soon as we get payment for a Minuteman product we are sending the charity those funds.

We are trying very hard to increase our ability to raise funds for the charities. Something that we really need help on is getting the word out about our efforts. As many of you know the best form of advertising is word of mouth. We believe with the internet discussion forums, blogs and especially social media this is true now more than ever.

So we can raise more funds for charity and spend less on marketing we ask that all of you help us get the word out about our brand and its efforts. By posting about it on your social media. Starting threads on discussion forums you take part in about our brand, efforts, and product. As well as simply telling your friends, family and people you meet in our daily life about our humble efforts and suggesting they check us out.

Here are some links to our social media and web sites. We hope all of you will follow us on those as share links to those.

Some of you have really stepped up and done this over the years and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that you will continue to help us get the word out. We also hope you will consider continuing to purchase our products when we offer something that interests you. Thanks such much to all of you.


Thomas Carey

Owner Minuteman Co.

Minuteman teams up with Southern Grind to help Red Circle Foundation!


Recently Minuteman posted photo’s of a knife we are working on in collaboration with Southern Grind. We have photo’s of the final version to share. These will be made in the USA and $25 from each one we sell will go to Red Circle Foundation.

In addition, a portion of the sales of Southern Grind knives go to benefit Camp Southern Ground, the non-profit passion project of three-time GRAMMY award-winning artist Zac Brown. To learn more about Camp Southern Ground please visit

We plan to price these at $240 each and will only sell them via pre sale for 60 days. We will then make just one batch of them. If you would like us to contact you when we are ready to take orders email

These are smaller than folders we’ve offered in the past. Here are the specs:

Handle: Tan G10
Lock & Liner: 6AL4V Titanium
Grind: Conventional Flat Grind
Blade Steel: S35VN
Hardness: RC 58-59
Blade Length: 3.25″
Blade Finish: Black PVD
Weight: 3.2 oz.
Overall Length: 7.4375″
Handle Length: 4.1875″
Blade Thickness: .130″

Each knife will come with a nylon fob as shown in the photo’s below. These knives are special edition versions of the popular Southern Grind Spider Monkey.

Our version features our logo on the blade, tan G10 handle scales, black pvd blade and hardware, and nylon fob. As these knives are a bit smaller we are adding the fobs to make it easier to pull these out of a pocket for those that have larger hands. We also like the way they add to the overall look of the knives.

Why we created the Minuteman brand


Why we do what we do.

We created our Minuteman brand for 3 key reasons.

1. To raise funds for charities that assist Veterans and their families.

25% of the profit from our net annual sales of Minuteman products goes to charities assisting veterans     & their Families.

2. To provide work for Americans whenever we can.

All of our watches are proudly assembled in the United States by highly skilled American watchmakers. To date all of our knives have been 100% made in the USA.

3. To provide a quality product that will stand the test of time.

Our products are designed and built to provide many years of reliable service.

Each year we select a charity that helps veterans and their families. We raise funds for that charity throughout the year. To date we’ve raised funds for, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and Fisher House. We select charities that spend 83% or more of the funds they take on programs. Which means most of the funds they raise go to the veterans and their families and are not spent on marketing, executive salaries, legal fee’s etc. There are a few charities in which 100% of the money they raise is spent on programs. One example is the Gary Sinise Foundation. They are very few charities out there that are able to match that.

For 2017 we will continue to raise funds for Fisher House via the sale of our remaining Minuteman Jester watches. We have a project in the works now with Southern Grind which we should start taking orders on in about March of 2017. With that project $25 from each knife we sell will go to the Red Circle Foundation. Those knives will sell for under $250 and most likely we will only be able to offer about 50 of those. We have yet to announce what charity we will raise funds via the sale of our Minuteman Adjutant knives, and Project X watches in 2017. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know.

The reason why we raise funds for veteran’s charities is because the co-founder of our brand is a disabled Vietnam veterans. He has done well despite his ill health which was due to his contact with Agent Orange. While our co-founder has done well he and his son who also founded our company have seen many veterans struggle. Some dealing with physical wounds and others from mental ones. Our ownership feels strongly that our government particularly through the VA has let many of our veterans down when they’ve needed them most. Clearly we are not alone as so many great charities have been created in an effort to help America’s true heroes our veterans. Rather than create a charity of our own. We recognized that there were already many great charities out there but what they all need is money to fund their efforts. So we decided to mix our passion for American products with our desire to help veterans and create Minuteman. As a way to offer quality American products that will stand the test of time. While also raising funds for great charities like The Gary Sinise Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Fisher House, Red Circle Foundation, and more. We hope that when you wear our Minuteman watches or use our American made Minuteman knives and you see our brand name and our logo. You will think about those veterans out there and their families. Who have sacrificed so much to protect our way of life. This why on many of our products our logo is quite large and our name is quite prominent.

We thank all of you have purchased our products over the years. Some of you have purchased several of our products over the years. We ask that you will continue to consider supporting our efforts by helping us get the word out about our brand and its mission. As well as purchasing our quality products.