Blog: What's the latest Minuteman News?

When you buy a Minuteman watch you’re not just buying a watch.



When you buy a Minuteman Watch Co product.  You are helping us create a new American brand. A brand that provides work for Americans, and raises money for charities that assist struggling veterans.


For those of you that don’t know 25% of our annual net profit goes to charities that assist veterans and their families.

Currently our wrist watches are assembled and tested in the USA. While we don’t have veterans building these watches at this time. We do have highly skilled American watchmakers with many years of experience assembling and testing our watches.

While most of our watch parts are sourced internationally due to the fact there are currently no sources for things like American made watch movements. We are able to source some of the items we use in the US such as the leather watch straps used on our MM0 series and the padded zipper cases each watch currently ships in. We do hope in the next years to be able to source additional items such as our watch dials in the US.

In addition to wrist watches, in the last few years we’ve been able to offer high quality American made knives that have been 100% made in the USA. We hope in the future to be able to offer other types of products that are also made in the USA.


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