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What is a Minuteman?


What is a Minuteman? History tells us that they were patriots who risked their property,their freedom, and even their very lives to answer the call to save their country from a foreign tyrant.

Once again we are calling on our fellow patriots to take action to save our way of life from an off-shore threat. We sat back and lived the good life while all of our industries, and with it our jobs, were shipped out of the country by uncaring multi-national corporations and the corrupt politicos that enable them. It is time to start supporting American products and not just keep going with the cheaper foreign produced goods. We cannot call for a “living wage” for American workers and not be willing to pay a little more in order to support an American made product.

It was these realities that lead us here at The CGA Company to develop the concept for the “Minuteman” watch. We decided to produce a high quality time piece using as many U.S. made components as possible and have it assembled here in America by Americans. “By Patriots for Patriots”.

We expended considerable effort trying to find disabled veterans who were qualified watchmakers to do the assembly but were not immediately able to identify any. In the future we hope to be able to offer scholarships to disable veterans to accredited watchmaking schools and after graduation to offer them employment opportunities. But for the time being we decided that in addition to growing our brand, providing employment for Americans, and creating a market for more American companies to product components for, we would donate 10% of the profit to efforts that truly do help disabled veterans. The donation from our 1st production run will be going to The Gary Sinise Foundation. Sadly many who make this claim spend most of the money they raise on executive salaries and advertising to raise more money, and little to directly help those who have sacrificed the most.

While some may feel that this percentage is not very large we would ask that you look around at what others are pledging. Remember, The CGA Company is not a non-profit enterprise. We pay salaries to American workers. We pay taxes. We support other efforts to keep the flame of Liberty and the American Dream alive. So we would ask all of our fellow Patriots to answer the call to help make America great again. Restore the quality, service, and pride that “made in the U.S.A.” used to mean. We would also humbly ask that you consider helping us in our efforts toward that end by purchasing a“Minuteman” watch.

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