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Could the idea behind our Minuteman effort catch on?

Like moths to a flame

Like moths to a flame

Here at Minuteman we are flattered by the fact that people from around the world are ordering our Minuteman watches. Why? Well think about it our effort is to donate to charities that support veterans, and their families. Also we want to employ Americans and build product here in America. So it does come as a surprise when someone from UAE (More than person from that country has ordered.), France, Norway, and Canada (We have many from there).

This has gotten me personally as the owner of thinking about all the people who benefit with each purchase of a Minuteman watch. Turns out there are families from around the whole world who benefit. The people that actually build these watches and their families. As well as the family of the brand owner who employs them. The same is true for each key component of the watch. So now you’re talking about families in Switzerland, Madagascar, China, Hong Kong, U.S., and more.
To be honest I don’t know the true extant. You see each of those major components are made of raw materials that come from who knows where in the world. Then those materials are combined into a finished component. Built on manufacturing equipment which is produced in various countries and so forth.

If you have never seen this great piece by the late great Milton Friedman I urge you to watch the whole thing.

That example is just for a simple pencil. So imagine how extensive this would be for a complete wrist watch. When you purchase a Minuteman watch you are in fact contributing to the global economy. Without your purchase a whole lot of people go without the financial benefit that your purchase creates. So could this be why people from around the world are supporting our effort with their purchase?

Could the idea of using the power of capitalism to help charitable groups. Be something that spreads to other parts of the world? Could that spread become a global trend of sorts? Does the idea seem silly to you? Well I had not considered that until I looked at where in the world people were coming from who are ordering our Minuteman watches. As well as the fact that our effort is actually getting coverage on Trend/Style type sites.

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