Blog: What's the latest Minuteman News?

We really do need your help with our effort.


Folks want to share this with you. Silly as this really is. We are not getting covered on most of the watch forums. We can’t personally go on there as we are not paying advertisers on the various forums. There are thankfully a few exceptions to that. But on the larger forums its a no go. I have a real issue taking money out of our core effort to put into something like paying the forum owners. Not to say they don’t deserve it.

We are looking at trying some advertising in a very limited test way on larger media like The Blaze Radio and a related news site. Reason being is they have a very large audience and they are willing to negotiate a special deal given our unique effort. So rather than spend money all over the forums we are looking at doing a test shot for basically what it would cost for just one of those forums on a much larger platform. Still I don’t know that we will do that.

So we really need your help in getting the word out on the various social sites. Just you fine folks telling your fellow members on those sites about our effort. In my view there is still nothing like word of mouth when it comes to promoting an effort.

Hope all of you have a great day and thanks so much for your support.

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