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Donation Matching


Minuteman update 11/12 : A popular watch blog has just offered to match donations its members make to an un-disclosed amount. I will say I am floored by their generosity. Right now the most important thing is getting the word out about our effort. Also we need people taking part in the shaping of the brand. I am convinced at this point that Minute man really needs sooner rather than later the following. 1. A Minuteman web site. 2. A Minuteman fan page. 3. A Minuteman Twitter account. 4. An expert on SEO to promote the web site etc and get to place well on Google etc. 5. An expert on promoting all of the above not including the under the hood SEO portion. 6. We need as many people as we can get spreading word about the brand on social media, like blogs, twitter, facebook, discussion forums, etc. 7. A logo for the brand. (We are having a contest for that now.) There are things not on the list that we are working on already like a pro designed watch. Also you can be sure there are several things we have not yet realized we need. If you would like to help out you can reach me at

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